Comb Jelly Wall Clock

Hey guys, I wanted to show you one of my projects: The Comb Jelly Wall Clock. The project was inspired by comb jellies. Comb Jellies live in the sea, they drift around and have strips called comb rows that they use to propel themselves. When white light illuminates the combs an effect called iridescence occurs and we get to see wonderful colours! Check out this video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

I wanted to make a clock that’s inspired by the ocean in some way. I also had a bunch of  ws2812 aka NeoPixel strips that needed to be exploited. So take those two together and you have a comb jelly clock.

For the body I laser cut a bit of perspex. I also used an Arduino with the Adafruit NeoPixel library without which I don’t think that I’d complete the project =] Wire everything up, upload the programme, connect a power supply and you’re good to go.

So in the end I can say that this is a great project to build and it’s pretty fun to stare at and meditate on, sort of like a fireplace or lava lamp but with many more colours.

If you want any more details feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.