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Exams, Exams, Exams… =[ and a few photos =]

Hey guys, for those of you that don’t know I’ve got exams coming up in the middle of exams.  It’s a crazy time* and I’ve had to put off the second part of my soldering tutorial until I at least next week when I finish my heat transfer exam. I did find some time to shoot a few pictures, nothing to write home about but enough to test out my sound trigger.

*I’ve even been sent an email from the dorms office that there’s a guy running round naked in the campus, how about that?

Balloon mid burst

In the beginning I didn’t know what to do with the sound trigger, except pop a few balloons to test it’s speed. After doing that I didn’t really know where I could go with it.  Julia, my girlfriend, suggested that we go outside to photograph. She wanted to do regular night photography, but I knew that this was my chance to test out the sound trigger =P  So with the sound trigger, a couple of cameras and strobes we went outside and went outside and got this shot.

Water drops photographed using high speed photography rig.

If you’re wondering what this is, it’s a coffee cup lid with water in it upside-down. When looking for stuff to shoot Julia came across a used coffee cup. We poured water into the lid, placed it on the table and kicked it. It gives a nice effect of water flying around.

Later I want to take photos breaking something with glass, but, at least for now, glass is messy and I don’t want to keep looking for glass bottles.  Next best thing? Ice! Also breaks but only leaves water behind =]

Ice breaking on floor

I know, kind of crappy, but hey, this was done in the middle of studying for an exam!

Cheers guys, till next time =]